EverBlock Flooring Rentals

EverBlock Flooring Hire & Rentals

EverBlock HIRE offers rental of its flooring systems nationwide.

EverBlock HIRE holds stock of rental flooring and rents tent flooring, stadium/concert flooring, and dance floors throughout the UK and Ireland.   

For turnkey projects (we do it all)  we typically can quote on projects of 5,000 sq/ft or more nationwide.  

EverBlock Flooring HIRE offers both turn-key rentals and "dry-hire" sub-rentals of flooring (without installation) to end users and qualified rental companies.  Dry-hire rentals are available for any sizes flooring requirement. 

Our rates incorporate minimum 2 week hire period a rolling weekly rental rate plus with round trip delivery and collection.  We can also provide a supervisor or a full installation team, depending on your needs. For dry-hire rentals you can pick up flooring at our logistics warehouse facility in Tewksbury, UK. 

EverBlock UK Flooring  Rentals is also able to provide carpet, astroturf grass installations on their own, or over EverBlock sub-floors, for a more finished look. 


Contact us on 0203 7959090 for nationwide rentals of EverBlock Flooring, or email us at sales@everblocksystems.co.uk