Portable Dance Floors for the Home


Portable Dance Floors for the Home or Garden

Besotted with all kinds of Dance? 
Practice at home or with friends in person or with Zoom or YouTube video.

Portable Dance Floors for the Home and Garden

Practice to dance on our portable home dance floors

Our portable dance floors are perfect for the home dance enthusiat whether inside or outside these dance floors are suitable to lay on a controlled surface like carpet, linio, concrete, flat lawn or other flat surfaces.

Ideal for tap, jazz, comtemporary and ballet. The Lightweight and easy to install, tiles are avialble in 15 colours and 4 wooden effects with custom configurations to fit your room or space.

Great for as practice dance floor for Zoom and YouTube dance classes and instruction.

Click the link to the left to see this amazing dancer
Click the link to the left to see this amazing dancer

Our portable modular dance floors are perfect

Learn about our Portable Dance Floors

Our portable dance floors basically (30cm Square) small rigid flooring tiles that can be connected together to create a flat space to dance, exercise, or entertain friends.

These stackable, lighweight, harwearing, plastic, portable tiles are ideal for portable dance floors especially at home or in the garden.

In the last few months, the use of these floor has grown drastically due to the benefits they offer, especially when confined to the home (Covid-19 pandemic). These group of tiles are easily connected together to create a sqare or rectangular dancefloor.

The tiles are easy to assemble and come with a manufacturer warranty in case of defects. One beautiful thing about these floors is that once the dancing or party is is over, they can deconstructed quickly and taken away in a few minutes. Or they can be left in situ inside or outside as they are weather proof and UV stable. The clever construction enables them to withstand heavy weights (car) and the don’t break due to the material and construction.


When it comes to understanding all the benefits of the portable dance floor, we have to look at all the unique situations in which they can be utilized. These tiles are made to handle people dancing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other events like a dance recital, dance practice, or even as outdoor event parties or gatherings to protect your lawn. They also take up little space and can also be utilized in the garage basement or outdoors.

Whether you are practicing your dance class or entertaining guests in your garden for an event or having a party at the local reception hall, our dance floors are an inexpensive way to enable you to dance on a hard surface or guests dance the night away safely. The tiles provide a smooth and sturdy platform where they won’t sip or twist an ankle like they could on the grass, patio, or uneven ground. browse our Portable Home Dance Floors Kits

Dance Performance
To increase your dance performance at home and practice you feel like you are at the dance school and of course it can be installed virtually anywhere you have a flat controlled surface.

These floors are versatile, they are excellent for dancing, parties, events, portable tents among other things.
With the the use of our Everblocks - modular building blocks the flooring can be used ontop of the study lightweight blocks to create a catwalk, small stage, podiums and steps.

Style and Confidence
Our dancing floors for the home and garden come in carious different colours (15 in fact) plus 4 different wooden styles to give you choice and creativity. You can interchange the tiles to create a unique dance floor personal look for you .


Latin dances work well and tango is rather like dancing on a crowded dance floor. Ballroom is interesting and we are exploring how we can constrain our dance moves without tripping over the walls around the patio!

The floor is the envy of our dance friends and they are pressing us to arrange a Zoom dance party.... !

David & Bozena - St Albans, UK

Fully Waterproof and UV stable

You can use our flooring tiles inside or outside in your garden. You just need a flat surface to lay them on. 

Portable Home Dance Floors

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