Partnering with EverBlock

Partnering with EverBlock

Dealers and Distributors

We are seeking qualified dealers and distributors in the United States and Internationally, who are eager to promote and sell EverBlock Flooring. We are also seeking agents globally, who have the capability to distribute the product in their geographic area.


Experience in an industry that is suited to EverBlock Flooring An interest in modular systems and a love for building thingsA desire to grow and be part of an exciting new movement

Private Label Flooring 

We recognize that some businesses may want to sell EverBlock Flooring under their own trade name and label the product accordingly. We are interested in opportunities to both private label EverBlock Flooring and to develop new flooring systems for specific applications. 


- We are interested in hearing your ideas and love to learn about new ways our flooring products can be used.

- Typically, private labeling requires a minimum order quantity.

- Newly developed compatible products may require specialized tooling at an additional cost.