Features and Specifications



All EverBlock Flooring modules incorporate unique features designed to make each flooring version ideal for the specific application.  We offer flooring for access and comfort, ground protection, and decorative uses. 

Everbase tile sizes:

EverBase1 - Small Tile

"12 x 12" (30cm x 30cm) 

Solid Top                                                                              Drainage Top

Solid Top
Drainage Top



EverBase 2 - Larger Tile

18" x 24" (45cm x 60cm) 

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Solid Top                                                                                     Drainage Top



EverBase 3 - Heavy Duty Tile

18" x 24" (24cm x 60cm)

Solid Top or Drainage Top Avialable

Rapid Laydown Mechanism for larger flooring areas

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General EverBase Flooring Features:

- Easy to install and remove

- Compatible, so that different versions connect with each other, allowing you to combine systems (i.e. tent floors with dance floors, wood grain with solid colours, etc.)

- Transports compactly in larger sheets or in tile form, on pallets or on our specialized transport carts

- Manufactured using durable hi-impact polypropylene

- Made in the USA

- 100% recyclable

- Water proof and weather, UV, and chemical resistant

- Specialised channels allow water flow underneath the floor

- Incorporates cable channels for LED lights, power and networking cables

- Contains multi-directional structural ribbing for added durability

- Compatible and interlocks with EverBlock® modular building blocks