EverCover Gym Cover Specifications



The EverCover Gym Floor Protection System is designed to protect sensitive surfaces against damage from pedestrians, catering carts, and other event traffic.

Turn your gymnasium into a multi-purpose event space, suitable for trade shows, alumni events, receptions, corporate events, concerts, and graduations.

Use EverCover tiles to protect gym floors and other sensitive surfaces such as stone and tile against damage, making it ideal for schools, recreation centers, and historic houses and facilities.


Gym Floor Protection

Trade Show and Exhibition Flooring (over concrete)

Tent and Event Flooring (above a sub-floor)

Stone and tile floor protection


Weights and Dimensions

Length: 39.37”  (1m)  x  Width: 78.74 (2m)

Thickness: 0.2" (5.08mm)

Weight: 13.67 lbs per tile (6.2 kg)

Material: Homogenous Needle Punch Carpet fused to semi-rigid Polyolefin backing



Light Grey, Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Red

Custom colors are available with minimum order size of 50,000 sq/ft

Dark Grey
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Light Grey
Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Red
Dark Red

Fire Rating

Fire Rating:  EN-1305-1*: BFl-S1 fireproof rating.

*The EN-1305-1 is a Fire Test for Building Materials.

BFl is a PASS for flooring materials ISO 1925-2 & 9239-1

S1 signifies little to no smoke emission

Acoustical Sound Absorption


Electrostatic Properties

ISO 6356: E ≤ 2 kV

Thermal Resistance

EN 12524: 0.08 m² K/W

Dimensions Stability

EN 986: ≤ 0.2% in both directions (Highly stable)

Uses of EBC

The EverCover Gym Floor Cover System may be used for numerous applications, including:  

Gym Floor Protection

Trade Show and Exhibition Flooring (over concrete)

Tent and Event Flooring (above a sub-floor)

Stone and tile floor protection

Historic wooden floor protection


Standard 3 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects. 

See complete EverBlock Warranty HERE

Shipping Specifications

Standard Pallet Size:  30 Mats - 48" x 96" x 22" --> 804 sq/ft  (smaller or larger quantities may be ordered)

53ft Truck: 500 Mats - 16,000 sq/ft

20ft Ocean Container: 250 Mats - 8,000 sq/ft

40ft Ocean Container: 500 Mats - 16,000 sq/ft

40ft High Cube Ocean Container: 500 Mats - 16,000 sq/ft

463L Military Standard Pallet: 120 Mats - 3,840 sq/ft

EverCover Gym Floor Cover System

EverCover gym floor cover tiles incorporate unique functional features that distinguish it from competitors

Protect gym floors from damage during on-court events

Provides acoustic benefits to any gymnasium

Easy to install and remove - simply loose lay rigid carpet tiles adjacent to each other

Larger tiles minimize the labor involved in changeovers

Durable industrial needle punch surface handles extensive traffic

Easy to clean surface, using standard carpet cleaners

Rigid backing provides protection and allows tiles to lay flat

Stores compactly for further use