flooring protection

Our product allows you to reduce time, money and challenges

Avoid scraping and damaging your flooring with the help of the simplest solution on the market today!

Get your specialist lessons and classes on the go quickly and easily and save time by avoiding the staff having to use their valuable time spent fitting custom flooring. Make the most of the space that you have, with our event hall protection coverage.

Simply set up the day before and have peace of mind that your floors are well protected during any indoor event that may come your way. Evercover is a great benefit to you in the long-term. Not only could you rent out your sports hall, but you could easily utilise your hall for other events. From indoor events usually held outdoors to celebrations, you can do so much with this flooring.

What is EverCover?

How it can Help?

School Halls and Exam Halls

Why choose us?

Perfect for use in various events

Take out the stress of trying to find a temporary solution to keep the flooring of any hall or event space well conditioned. Avoid adding unnecessary damage to your surface by using Evercover!

If you want flooring that you know can handle the pace of the day, then EverCover is designed for fast set-up, regular use, sustaining spills and other issues.

Suitable for turning a sports hall into an event hall, and various other indoor facilities where a normal smooth floor might not be suitable.

By using a durable and synthetic strain made for protecting floors, we know that the floor protection will last. This keeps it in good condition for the long-term, with no damage done to the flooring thanks to its hardwearing qualities.

Thrills and Spills no problem

This tough, resistant surface will help to make sure that no excess dirt lies on top. All of our flooring products are manufactured from the best waterproof fibres to stop any permanent damage from occurring.

Stains, too, will be resisted due to the nature of fibres, each section is designed to be nice and easy for you to clean up by simply going over the floor with a vacuum.

Has the floor become wet or soaked in any capacity? Then all it needs is to be hosed down and then left to dry in suitable conditions.

Evercover is great for improving the coverage of your flooring to prevent damage, the system ensures you get a flooring that fits with the needs of your chosen event.