EverBase 3


Simple to use Rigid Modular Flooring System

See how easy it is to connect our weatherproof Everbase 3 flooring tiles that can be laid on any level surface.

They can take upto a tonne of weight each, and can be use indoor and out for a variety of solutions.

Simply lay, use, take up and store.

Easy FIT Rigid Flooring

Easy to Self-install - Everbase 3

Its so easy to install Everbase 3 modular rigid flooring.
Once the tiles are on site and stacked in position, just start from one corner and add each tile and "stamp down" to connect.

Once the floor has been used and you need to pull up just simple lift from one corner and each tile will disconnect with ease. Just wash, store or restack for another time.

EverBase 3 Incorporates unique functional features that distinguish it from competitors:

Available to Purchase or Hire

Our Everbase 3 tile is so versatile and so bullet proof we can supply to you for any job where the land is flat and level.

We can quote you to buy our Everbase flooring, or, we offer a rental and hire service for those one off uses.

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EverBase 3 is a modular, interlocking,  general purpose flooring system. It can be used for a variety of applications at all types of venues and facilities. 

The EverBase 3 tile is an 18" x 24" flooring tile that interconnects, using a reinforced connector system, with adjacent tiles to create a seamless floor surface and a solid support base for all types of activities. The EBF3 connection systems is designed for heavier duty use and is designed to deploy significantly faster than other EverBase options. From on-field concerts to tent flooring at events and from shelter flooring to ice arena covers, the EBF3 is our most capable, heavier duty flooring option.

Weights and Dimensions

Length: 24"  (60.96 cm) 

Width: 18"  (45.72 cm) - 3 sq/ft per tile (0.28 sqm per tile)

Thickness: 1.1" (2.79 cm)

Weight: 3.61 lb per tile (1.63 kg)

Uses of EBF3

EverBase 3 may be used for numerous applications such as:  Natural Turf Protection, Synthetic Turf Protection, Ice Arena Floors, Tent Flooring, General Event Flooring, Exhibition Flooring, Base for EverBlock Building Blocks, Raised Flooring and Risers (over EverBlock modular blocks)



Features a flat top surface.


Contains a series of drainage, light, and aeration holes on top.

Shipping Specifications

Standard Pallet Size:  40" x 48" x 84" --> 840 sq/ft  (smaller quantities may be ordered)
Modules on Pallet: 280
Layers on Pallet: 70
Module Weight: 484kg (1066.80 lbs).
Module Weight with Pallet: 502kg (1106.80 lbs).

Weight Loading Capacity

Weight Loading Capacity:  8500 lbs. sq/ft *On a solid subsurface, non-moving (static) weight, with equal distribution of load across the tile surface. 
Support Structure:  Intersecting Bi-directional support ribs provide structure, torsional strength, and additional weight distribution and weight loading capabilities.  


Light Grey standard on Solid Top (ST Version).

Translucent and Light Grey standard for grass protection (DT Version).  

Custom colours available with minimum order sizes (Blue ,Orange, Pink, Green, Red)

Available Accessories

Fire Rating


*This test signifies that EverBlock does not flare up when exposed to an open flame and has a slow burn rate of 2” per minute for a 2” wide, 0.5 millimeter thickness test sample. EverBlock meets all applicable standards for temporary floor covers.


Accredited testing documents available upon request