Everbase 1

Ground Protection, Floors and more.....

Introducing the Everbase 1

Use these nifty little tiles to create home dance floors, exhibitions floors, flat surface flooring and event flooring.

Solid Top

Small but Mighty

Waterproof & Durable

Easy to put together and store away


The "Heel Click" Technique - Everbase 1 & 2 connection


The EverBase 1 tile is an
12"L x 12"W x 1.1"H flooring tile that interconnects, using a reinforced connector system, with adjacent tiles to create a seamless floor surface and a solid support base for all types of activities on a reasonably even surface.



Features a flat top surface, perfect for laying graphics over.


Contains a series of drainage, light, and aeration holes on top to stop water building up on top of the tile.

Weights & Dimensions

Length: 30.5cm

Width: 30.5cm

Thickness: 3cm

Weight: 1.27 lbs per tile

Weight Loading Capacity

Weight Loading Capacity:  8500 lbs. sq/ft *On a solid subsurface, non-moving (static) weight, with equal distribution of load across the tile surface. 
Support Structure:  Intersecting Bi-directional support ribs provide structure, torsional strength, and additional weight distribution and weight loading capabilities.  


Available in 16 standard colours and can be mixed and matched to your liking.

However our most commonly purchased colours are white, black and grey.

There is also a very limited stock of wood finish tiles if that classic feel is what you are looking for.

Uses of the EBF1

Everblock Floorings Everbase 1 is the ideal dance floor for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. From hotels to convention centres and from party rental companies to tent and event companies, it is the perfect portable dance floor for all types of events. Purchase individual tiles or complete dance floor packages, depending on your needs.


Edging: Sloped transition edging that provides a smooth transition onto the floor. Ideal for entry and exit points and areas where a lot of traffic is expected. Meets ADA requirements for accessibility. Edging comes in Male and Female edging versions.
Transport Cart: Heavy duty wheeled cart that allows for easy transport and storage of the flooring.