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Modular Building Blocks


The 2" square Connector Lugs pressure fit into the drainage holes on the DT version, creating a lug base tile for supporting EverBlock constructions. The EverBlock Connector Lugs prevent sliding or horizontal movement of EverBlock building blocks on the floor and provide extra support.

EverBase and EverBase 2 (Drainage Top version) can be retrofitted with square Connector Lugs, designed to be snapped into the floor and then interlock with EverBlock modular building blocks that are placed on top of the floor.

Connector Lugs are only required to be snapped into the area of the floor upon which blocks will be placed, allowing the balance of the floor tile to remain smooth for regular use.

Connector Lugs may be removed after use, allowing you to use EverBase-DT and EverBase 2-DT for other uses when blocks are not used with the floor.

2-Way Connector

2-Way Connector

Use EverBlock Connector Links to connect mats to each other and to form a continuous roadway or work pad. EverBlock Connector Links are manufactured in steel and can support tremendous stresses and weight. 

Links are designed to tip and lock into place and are specially shaped to fit into pre-drilled connector holes on the four corners of each mat.

4-Way Connector

4-Way Connector

While links are not necessary for mat use, they are recommended for longer term installations or in situations where a unified area or more solid roadway is required.

We offer two types of connector links - a 2-way link and a 4-way link. Use our 4-way link to connect 4 mats together at the intersecting corner and use the 2-way link to connect two mats together at the adjacent corners.

As well as the Everblocks the flooring tiles also connect to Everpanels

Quickly build offices, bedrooms, conference rooms, or any other space required, using a series of lightweight, durable panels that connect with adjacent panels using a proprietary lug and connector system.

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